Each floor is designed to be spacious and functional, providing ample space for businesses of different sizes to set up their operations. The building’s design ensures that each business has access to natural light, ventilation, and a beautiful view of the surrounding area. This provides a conducive working environment and promotes productivity and creativity among employees.

The building’s design and functionality make it an ideal location for businesses looking for a premium office space in Tehran. The location also makes the building convenient for commuting employees, with easy access to public transportation and major highways.

The building’s security is top-notch, with access control systems installed in the entrance and elevators. The building is equipped with modern fire protection systems, ensuring the safety of the occupants. The building’s management also provides dedicated maintenance and support services to the occupants, ensuring that the building is always in pristine condition.

The building’s amenities include a modern elevator system, air conditioning, power backup, and high-speed internet connectivity. These amenities are essential for any business operating in the modern era, providing the necessary infrastructure for growth and success.

The building’s location in the Fereshteh area provides easy access to a range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and cafes. This makes it an ideal location for businesses looking to attract and retain talented employees.

The building’s rooftop garden is one of its most unique features, providing a beautiful and relaxing space for employees to take a break from their workday. The garden is equipped with comfortable seating areas, lighting, and greenery, creating a calming and tranquil environment. The garden’s eco-friendly design also promotes sustainability and raises awareness about the importance of green spaces in the urban landscape.

Overall, the office and commercial building in Shabdiz St., Fereshteh St., Tehran is a modern and functional building designed to meet the needs of businesses operating in the area. Its premium design, location, and amenities make it an ideal location for businesses looking for a high-end office space in Tehran. Its focus on sustainability and green space also sets it apart from other buildings in the area, demonstrating a commitment to the environment and long-term sustainability.

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Location: Tehran

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