The Padidar office building, located in Jordan, Tehran, is an impressive project standing tall at five stories in height. Its primary function is to serve as an office space. One of the distinguishing features of the building is its sleek black metal facade, adding a modern and stylish touch to the overall design.

Situated between other buildings, the Padidar office building manages to make its presence known with its simple yet unique design. We have opted for a minimalist approach, focusing on clean lines and a straightforward layout. This simplicity contributes to the building’s elegance and sophistication.

Although minimalistic, the Padidar office building does not compromise on functionality. Each floor is thoughtfully designed to provide ample space for various office activities and functionalities. The building’s interior is expected to offer a comfortable and productive environment for its occupants.

Overall, the Padidar office building in Jordan, Tehran is a striking architectural project that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Its five-story height, black metal facade, and simple design make it a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing addition to the urban landscape.

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Location: Tehran

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