Arta Plaza, a resplendent project in Marzdaran, Tehran, elevates the concept of modern residential living to new heights. The four blocks, each comprising ten stories, stand as a testament to the fusion of bold design and contemporary functionality. The exterior of the complex exudes a sense of grandeur, blending sleek lines and captivating angles to create a visually striking presence within the surrounding cityscape.

At the heart of Arta Plaza, the ground floor boasts a vibrant mix of commercial spaces and restaurants. The dynamic energy of this bustling hub adds a layer of urban sophistication to the complex, creating a multifaceted lifestyle experience for residents and visitors alike.

A defining feature of Arta Plaza is its captivating roof garden, a sprawling haven of lush greenery that offers a tranquil escape from the urban pulse. This outdoor oasis provides a space for relaxation, reflection, and community, allowing residents to cultivate a sense of connection with nature high above the city streets.

Encompassing a remarkable 120,000 square meters, Arta Plaza offers an expansive canvas for modern living. The well-appointed residences within the complex enjoy awe-inspiring views that stretch as far as the eye can see. Whether it’s the panoramic city skyline or the serene beauty of the surrounding landscape, the vistas from Arta Plaza are a breathtaking reminder of the allure of urban living.

With its ideal location, exceptional amenities, and captivating architectural design, Arta Plaza stands as a beacon of sophistication and style in Marzdaran, Tehran. It exemplifies the harmonious balance between modern luxury and urban liveliness, setting a new standard for residential excellence in the city.

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Facts and Figures
Location: Tehran

Completion Year:

Under Construction
Completion Year: Under Construction
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