From the vantage point of our firm, we proudly present the Leo Residence, a beacon of modern living located in the distinguished area of Morvarid, Saadat Abad, Tehran. This stately 11-story edifice is a striking exemplar of our commitment to architectural excellence and sophistication in urban residential design.

At Leo Residence, we’ve distilled luxury into each of its eleven single-unit floors, where sprawling 4-bedroom residences stretch across 400 square meters. Each space is intricately planned to articulate a symphony of style and substance, designed for the discerning resident who seeks an enclave of privacy and luxury amidst the city’s pulse.

The crowning glory of our design is a verdant roof garden, offering a panoramic city view – a private sky-top retreat where one can escape from the urban bustle. It’s a manifestation of our vision to blend nature harmoniously with urban dwelling, providing a serene and scenic backdrop for contemplation or social affairs.

Recognizing the importance of convenience and security, we’ve incorporated secure underground parking, providing peace of mind and seamless integration into daily life. Our philosophy extends to combining leisure and lifestyle facilities with living spaces, which is why we’ve included a vast array of amenities, meticulously curated to cater to every whim and preference.

The private cinema is a custom feature that transcends the traditional movie experience, delivering an intimate setting for film aficionados. For the active and sports-minded, a squash court, a state-of-the-art gym, and an indoor swimming pool serve to promote wellness and vitality all year round.

Leo Residence is an environment built for the whole family, evident in our thoughtfully designed kids’ playroom, ensuring a delightful and safe zone for children to engage and explore. On the social front, residents can indulge in leisurely pursuits within the billiard room or exercise strategic flair in the poker room. The expansive party hall is a versatile venue that stands ready to host a breadth of events with elegance and ease.

Our firm has embraced a bold aesthetic for the facade, juxtaposing white cement and black metal to forge a visual statement that is both striking and identifiably modern. This decisive choice underlines the precise character of Leo Residence, where each design element is a deliberate stroke contributing to an overall masterpiece of residential architecture.

In Leo Residence, we see the confluence of innovative design and luxurious living, each element crafted with our signature dedication to creating spaces that embody aesthetic elegance, functional brilliance, and an unwavering quality that stands the test of time.

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Location: Tehran

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