Nestling within the rugged landscapes of Iceland, PANORASPA emerges as a transcendent example of architectural ingenuity that celebrates the intrinsic beauty of its environ-ment. Intentionally designed to manifest the natural forms that cradle it, this beer spa stands as a homage to the organic structures and dynamic contours that characterize Icelandic terrains.

At the heart of PANORASPA’s design philosophy is its circular shape, a form chosen for its embodiment of harmony and continuity that mirrors the cyclical nature of the ele-ments. A perfect loop in architecture, the circle serves not only as an aesthetic anchor but also as a pragmatic vessel for providing unobstructed, 360 degree views. This panoramic embrace enables a profound connection between the visitor and the vistas of Iceland’s awe-inspiring landscapes, ensuring that wherever one stands within the spa, the horizon remains an ever-present visual symphony, full of life and motion.

Sectional Harmony

Located in the heart of Iceland, PANORASPA’s sectional design encapsulates a tranquil sanctuary immersed in natural beauty. The building’s section reveals a thoughtful vertical stratification, where each level is purposed to transition from the communal vibrancy to private tranquility.

Form Diagram: A Circular Vision

The form of PANORASPA is an ode to the concept of uninterrupted continuity, reflecting in its circular shape and unwavering connection to the 360-degree panoramic views.

The diagram illustrates the spa’s circular footprint, designed to mimic the enveloping horizon line, which allows the structure to sit harmoniously within the vast Icelandic vistas.

Natural Immersion: Outdoor Bathing

Integral to the PANORASPA experience is the integration with nature’s own elements – the outdoor tubs, shower, and changing room.

These facilities, sculpted from the same

robust concrete, lay organically on the ground floor, presiding over the scenic views. They are not just amenities but vessels to implore engagement with the vast, untamed backdrop of Iceland while savoring a crafted beer in hand.

Architectural Symbiosis

PANORASPA’s concrete form and structure pay homage to the resilience and beauty of the Icelandic environment.

Every curve, plane, and junction in the diagram resonates with the purpose and intent: to offer an immersive experience of relaxation, social interaction, and unity with nature, testament to the iconic allure that is PANORASPA.

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Facts and Figures
Location: Iceland

Completion Year:

Under Construction
Completion Year: Under Construction
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