The architectural design of Saba, located in Saba Boulevard, Tehran, exudes a charming and inviting aura. Standing at a modest but elegant 5 stories, this design is meant to create a small and cozy atmosphere, perfect for intimate living spaces.

The facade of Saba is adorned with a unique combination of materials, showcasing a tasteful blend of black windows, brown metal louvers, and white panels. This carefully curated mixture creates a visually appealing contrast, enhancing the overall aesthetic while providing a timeless and sophisticated look.

The black windows serve as focal points, exuding a sense of depth and modernity. Their sleek appearance adds a touch of contemporary elegance to the facade, while also allowing ample natural light to flood the interior spaces, fostering a bright and welcoming ambiance.

The use of brown metal louvers in the design of Saba adds a layer of texture and depth to the building’s exterior. Strategically placed, these louvers offer both aesthetic beauty and functional benefits. They create an interesting visual pattern, casting captivating shadows during different times of the day. Moreover, they provide shade and privacy to the interior spaces, serving as a barrier between the outside world and the intimate sanctuaries of the residents.

Complementing the black windows and brown metal louvers, the white panels on the facade of Saba add a sense of purity and tranquility to the design. These panels create a visually soothing contrast against the darker elements, enhancing the overall balance and harmony of the exterior.

The size and layout of Saba contribute to its intimate and cozy ambiance. With only 5 stories, the design offers a more personal and close-knit living experience, fostering a sense of community among residents. The scale of the structure allows for a more intimate connection between residents and the surrounding neighborhood.

In conclusion, Saba in Saba Boulevard, Tehran, is a remarkable architectural design that combines elements of sophistication and coziness. The black windows, brown metal louvers, and white panels on the facade create a captivating visual palette, demonstrating a delicate balance between modernity and tranquility. With its small and cozy scale, Saba presents an opportunity for a close-knit living experience in the heart of Tehran.

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Location: Tehran

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