Rehabilitation Center is a project designed for a competition in Iraq.

The building (rehabilitation center for terrorism victims in Iraq) is designed with the idea of different life periods and stages of overcoming and passing through the negative effects of terrorist attacks on people.

In the idea of design, the form and volume are considered in such a way that with a quick look at the general concept it shows the different parts and stages of life.

By walking through the complex and with a more detailed look, the viewer notices the normal stages of life to the moment of the very bitter incident of the terrorist attack and its negative impact on people’s lives through the simple and non-demonstration way of the design.

The building is designed in a suspended manner, and parts of it are surrounded by shallow water from below and around the building, and from above, a suspended space is designed for installations and solar panels, and finally, the circulation of energy between water and the sun in empty spaces for the purpose of air flow, is located in the region’s hot climate. The project is above the ground level which causes cold air to pass under the building and warm air to pass from above, which helps to prevent the building from wasting energy.

In this project, a solar panel is used on the roof by that the building can supply its own electricity.

All the glasses from the complex are designed of (in the form of) mirror,

that reminds and reflects the era and path taken by people in their past, as well as their

presence at that time, in this relaxing complex.

Additionally, in designing the building’s interior spaces, it has been attempted to not make the communication difficult between rooms and other spaces. The design is eye-catching and a special idea has been used on the walls, etc. in the form of torn and burnt pieces of clothing from terrorist attacks, which is a reminder of the incident in the past, because I personally believe that in life a human being must learn from the unfortunate events of the past, overcome them and continue his path stronger than before, which is the main and general message of this project.

The open space of the project has been designed in such a way that people can use it easily and, if necessary, do the relevant sports in the area of the complex. Also, the parking lots and car pathways are designed in a way that it can be used easily by both visitors and employees.

In conclusion, the main goal of designing this complex for survivors and victims of terrorism was to make a placid environment for them to spend time peacefully with hope for life.

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Location: Iraq

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