Welcome to No. 26, nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Niavaran, Tehran. This extraordinary project exudes a captivating rough industrial aesthetic, combining it with residential comfort to create a truly unique living experience. Let’s delve into the captivating aspects of No. 26, including its rough industrial look, residential charm, roof garden, swimming pool, and more.

No. 26 stands as an ode to the harmonious fusion of contrasting elements. The rough industrial look takes center stage, showcasing raw materials, exposed infrastructure, and a captivating interplay of texture and form. This aesthetic choice transforms the project into a visual masterpiece, capturing attention and sparking curiosity.

Bringing the raw charm of industrial design to a residential setting, No. 26 offers a living space that seamlessly blends functionality and style. Step into a world where exposed brick walls, polished concrete floors, and metal accents coexist with carefully curated interiors, creating an ambiance that is both rugged and refined. Within these walls, comfort and modernity exist in perfect harmony.

No. 26 boasts a captivating rooftop garden, an oasis in the heart of the city. Escape the daily hustle and unwind in this serene space, where lush greenery embraces you, and panoramic views of the surrounding neighborhood enchant your senses. The rooftop garden at No. 26 offers a sanctuary above the urban landscape, inviting you to relax and rejuvenate in nature’s embrace.

A sparkling gem within No. 26, the swimming pool offers a touch of luxury and indulgence. Take a dip and let the cool water envelop you, providing respite from busy days and serving as a refreshing retreat within the bustling city. The juxtaposition of the rough industrial aesthetics with the serene water element creates a dynamic visual experience, engaging your senses in unexpected ways.

No. 26 envelopes you in a world where roughness meets elegance, creating a project that is both intriguing and captivating. The project’s unique charm lies in its ability to merge the unrefined aesthetic of industrial design with the comforts of modern living, offering an exceptional residential experience that is both visually stunning and thoughtfully functional.

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Location: Tehran

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