The Afra Tower in Fereshteh, Tehran, stands tall at an impressive height of 30 stories. Designed to capture the attention and admiration of all those who behold it, this project offers an unparalleled view of the vibrant cityscape.

The focal point of Afra Tower lies in its magnificent facade. The architects have opted for a clean and contemporary design approach, utilizing white cement as the primary material. This choice contributes to the tower’s elegance and adds a touch of sophistication to its overall appearance. The white cement facade, with its smooth and sleek finish, creates a visually pleasing contrast against the backdrop of the city.

Situated in Fereshteh, Afra Tower offers residents and visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding cityscape. The tower’s strategic location maximizes the visual experience, allowing occupants to witness the bustling metropolis from a higher vantage point. Whether it’s the cascading skyline or the dynamic city streets, Afra Tower offers a unique perspective of the city’s energy and charm.

The tower’s layout is carefully designed to ensure functionality while maintaining a sense of harmony and comfort for its occupants.

Overall, Afra Tower is designed to amaze and inspire. Its impressive height, breathtaking city views, and white cement facade combine to create an iconic landmark in Fereshteh, Tehran. This project epitomizes contemporary design while embracing the urban energy and spirit of the city.

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Location: Tehran

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